First, I’d just like to say “Hello!” to all my new followers – it’s great to see people interested.

I originally meant this blog to be long, essay style thoughts on parenting from my perspective but also I can see that there’s a place for shorter, occasional updates. Funny things that have happened that are slightly longer than 140 characters, odd thoughts, etc.

Paleo eating is going well – made a double size Paleo chicken curry last night so we could have some leftovers for lunch today. No chance – eldest two had it for snacks and breakfast. They even ate some of the fake cauliflower rice!

Middlest (age 9) last night asked if he could play with Excel. We asked what he was going to do, as we couldn’t really see the entertainment value. This is a paraphrase of what we eventually got out of him.

“I’m going to make a chart of our pets,” he said, “with two columns, one for alive and one for dead.”