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As those parents in the UK will know, yesterday was a public sector workers’ strike, and this included teachers. I took advantage of a day off, (and The Wife working from home needing peace and quiet) and took the children to the zoo. Unfortunately this now means I think today is Monday, because yesterday felt like the weekend. Or maybe like the beginning of holidays. I’m still not entirely sure what day it is!

One reason for this is the Middlest’s obsession with Lego. (To be fair, it comes and goes, but at the moment he loves the stuff!) Anyway, here is his latest masterpiece.

 photo 47C56C3B-50AE-414B-A34B-2127C80D8F01_zpswabpk7or.jpg

Now, you may notice several things (not least that I need to hoover) – it has ears that flap, a tick on its back and has, errm, just done a number two! Although this is a tad gross, I think it shows that he has a good understanding of biology and the natural world, together with an eye for detail. Or he’s just being a typical nine-year-old, fascinated by all things scatological!

As I mentioned in a previous post, our approach to food is often at odds with the establishment around us. This was borne out when we went to the zoo. On the way, we stopped for petrol, at which point Littlest had a huge screaming tantrum when I attempted to remove him from the petrol station shop without chocolate or ice-cream. When we’d all calmed down, I realised that this was not normal behaviour, and soon established that he was hungry. He’d had a small breakfast and it was gone twelve by the time we actually set out for the zoo. Stopping in Spar yielded the strangest lunch ever eaten by a six year old. He had, one Pepperami, one Cheestring, some strawberries, an entire pack of salami and a Kinder egg, all washed down with a Fruit Shoot. However, our low carb (apart from the Kinder Egg!) approach worked, he didn’t actually need another meal until nearly 4pm, having spent the rest of the time on his feet at the zoo.

So, that’s where we’re at – I haven’t mentioned Eldest as he’s just trogging along, being a fairly normal (for us anyway) 13 year old boy! We’re one week away from the Summer Holidays, which I really ought to get on and organise!