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This update comes to you from deep within the school holidays. Excuse the spelling, typing mistakes and general bad structure as I persuade the boys not to have a “who can bounce a tennis ball highest in the house” competition.

Let’s get scientific

A couple of weeks back I was talking to Eldest about bananas and why we have a banana hook. I had one of those moments where you say something out loud and realise how weird it sounds. I said, “Well, when a banana ripens, it gives off this gas which makes other fruit around it ripen faster.” We looked at each other and said “Huh?”

So, we decided to carry out an experiment to see if this was true or not. Now, he’s just about to go into year 9 so he’s had two years of doing secondary school science investigations. He knew about establishing a control and making everything as much the same as possible. So, on 26 July, this is what we had – identical sized bowls, two apples from the same pack, and one green banana.

The beginning

I will confess that we then went off camping and totally forgot about the experiment. Which actually kind of worked out OK! We then left it for another few days until we were about ten days in. By then, the banana as you can see, kind of looked horrible and brown spots. (I know some people view this as a matter of opinion but it’s true, black bananas are evil!) More importantly, the banana apple was definitely more wrinkly. I don’t know if it shows on the photos, but it also has more spots on it. For a final, scientific approach, we put stickers on them and gave them to The Wife, so she could independently assess their ripeness. She also agreed, the banana definitely did make the apple ripen faster.

photo 2 With banana The end

Exercise time

I have a weakness – those special offer, limited time only items for sale in Aldi and Lidl. A few months back I picked up a lovely chin up bar, which could be used in a number of ways. But it needed brackets fixing to the wall which took me a while to get round to. Yesterday I managed it, and we tested it on theĀ children, in ascending order of weight, from Youngest to Eldest. Middlest however has been going to gym for more than half his life. With a chin up bar, he flipped over, hung like a bat, went right over and then flipped back. But, there was a problem. When he swung to and fro, and then let go and tried to “regrip” the whole thing banged on the door frame and made a nasty bang! I think that if he had his way, we’d have it up all the time, and argue with Youngest for the use of it.

Summer Holiday Challenge

Well, as I could’ve predicted the boys are really un-keen on doing their best handwriting. But other things have appealed. There is the Lego army, which as you can see has taken on a life of its own. Not satisfied with the conditions that specified all the the people had to have a hat and something to hold, they went further and made wagons, chariots, space-ships and mounted troops on horses and motorbikes. Of course, they wouldn’t do anything like simply make figures the way Lego intended – for example Gandalf’s hat is now on a clown/robot wearing pyjamas and wielding a magnifying glass!

photo (14)

Anyway, this short update has suddenly got rather long and I ought to sign off and go and be more parenty!