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It’s been way too long since I updated the blog. The Summer Holidays have long since departed and we’re into the familiar September routines. All three boys have settled into their new years and are even wearing jumpers when it gets cold! Seriously, this has been a battle that’s been going on for at least eight years in some cases. We have a rule in this house, if you can see your breath then you have to wear either a coat or a jumper. Without this it’d be shorts and T shirts in the snow!

One thing to fall by the wayside was the Summer Challenge Box. Unsurprisingly the handwriting was the least favourite thing and they did like taking photos of animals and birds that they saw around. I really need to clear the main table so we can assemble the Lego Army. When that’s done I’ll open up a spreadsheet and see what it all adds up to. It had better be soon, as every time we fire up the Wii it takes more and more coaxing to work.

One reason underlying all the slow progress is that my shoulder’s playing up and disrupting my sleep. It’s not serious but the cumulative effect of going without enough sleep and having low level pain for several months is very wearing. Also, I’m working on a new novel and most days writing over a thousand words, which also means I’ve been neglecting both the blog and the housework!