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Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of posts of late. In between being a father and writing this blog,  I also write novels (as yet unpublished). Recently I’ve got to writing the exciting end of the one I’m writing, so housework, sleep, food and blog writing have taken a back seat!

Right, just for once, I’m going to use this post to do something I don’t usually do – ask you lot for money! If you’re offended, please stop reading now 🙂


This is something I do every year and believe in. I’m usually bearded but at the end of October, I shave off the beard and start growing a moustache (a mo) for the entire month of November. It’s partly to raise awareness of male cancers and mental health – most men are rubbish at going to the doctor. And partly to raise cash for research into these illnesses. The link to my page is here:


so please donate. I’d actually rather lots of people donated £2, £3 or £5 because then when other people come on the page they won’t be intimidated, and then it’d all go up nicely.

Lunar Year Planner

Every year I make one of these. They are almost universally confusing, as they rearrange one whole year by the phases of the moon instead of the conventional months. This year, it’s available from here:


It’s on the Angelpaths shop – run by a good friend of mine. While you’re there, do have a look around at all the lovely jewellery, tarot card decks and other goodies.

That’s it for the minute – longer post to follow soon!