I’ve been tweeting about this since the beginning of the year but I felt a longer explanation was due.

To set the scene, it was in that dead time between Christmas and the New Year. The Boys had been to Stonehenge, celebrated Chanukkah, had a family party, all the end of term madness and of course Christmas day itself. So the weather wasn’t too bad and we were all feeling a bit flat, when Middlest suggested we go to visit a Cadw site. I’d been wondering what we could do in 2017 and something clicked in my head. I answered, “How about we visit all the Cadw sites?”

img_20170205_142058A brief note to explain to those non-Welsh readers. Cadw is in effect Welsh Heritage, the sister organisation to English Heritage. You pay a yearly fee as a member, then get to visit all the sites for free. (And after the first year it extends to English Heritage, and the others. If you’ve seen the price of one family admission to Stonehenge, it starts to make sense.)

So, I did a bit of Googling, found a Wikipedia article listing all the sites, copied the list and tidied it up into a spreadsheet. Now there are over 120 sites. Doesn’t sound too bad except that they are scattered all over the country. If (and I’m not sure we will) we are to complete this challenge, then we’ll have to go on several impromptu camping trips during school holidays.


So far I’ve added one site (Caerleon Amphitheatre) and updated details on others.. We’ve found 6,000 year old tombs and Tudor manor houses. We’ve gone from huge, well staffed castles to remote squares of grass in the middle of the countryside. Some have been, shall we say, hard to find!

Anyway, we’ll be primarily tweeting and posting to Instagram with the hashtag #allCadwin17 or occasionally #pobCadwyn17